Romantic Date Ideas in Casper

Romantic Date Ideas in CasperWyoming's wide open spaces sometimes make it a little bit of a challenge to get close to that special someone. And, usually your respective schedules also have a lot to do with the big spaces in between the two of you. It sounds like it might be time for a special romantic date. Even if it is just for a little while, there is no question that the two of you will enjoy your special time together on one of these romantic dates.

Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center
The Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center is a great romantic date destination not only for its unique presentation of the work of Western and contemporary artists but also because the venue is always buzzing with activity. See some truly awe-inspiring artwork that features a Rocky Mountain West theme as you slowly stroll through the museum's galleries. Activities and programs for the kids are always on the schedule, as well.

Address: 299 South Beech Street, Casper, WY - MAP
Phone: (307) 235-5247

Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park
You both know that the love the two of you have for one another is something beautiful and natural. Celebrate that natural beauty by spending a little romantic time on a date in the beautiful surroundings of Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park. The park is a short six miles outside of Casper and sits on the edge of the North Platte River. The area was once a quarry but now is a haven for bird watchers, fans of fishing and people who just want to spend some special time together enjoying a picnic lunch amid the huge old cottonwoods.

Address: Casper, WY - MAP

Casper Planetarium
Gazing at one another is always romantic, but you can alternately gaze at your sweetheart while also looking up into the equally captivating Wyoming night sky when you visit the Casper Planetarium. The two of you can enjoy a multimedia trip into outer space as you learn about basic exploration of the night sky and the solar system. Additionally, you can learn more about the stars and planets through special exhibits and presentations that are available as well. It will be an out-of-this-world date experience that you won't forget.

Address: 110 Werner Street, Casper, WY 82601 - MAP
Phone: (307) 577-0310

Hogadon Ski Area
Play in the snow with your sweetie when you take a special trip to the Hogadon Ski Area, located just 11 miles south of Casper. Affordable rates and a variety of ski terrain ensures a good time for skiers of all skill levels. This intimate resort is as romantic as it is inviting. The skiing conditions feature a 600 foot vertical drop from Casper Mountain's 8,000-foot peak. Also, the availability of 18 major trails means that you will both have a choice when deciding how challenging your skiing adventure will be.

Address: Hogadon Road, Casper, WY 82601 - MAP
Phone: (307) 235-8499

Ivy House Inn Bed and Breakfast
The two of you feel like getting away but can't really fit a romantic trip into your busy schedules. Plan the next best thing by booking a night's stay at the Ivy House Inn Bed and Breakfast. This charming little abode will take you away from your stressful day-to-day routine and have you relaxing in one of their classically comfortable rooms, complete with breathtaking views and other cozy amenities. And, of course, a delicious breakfast awaits you both when you awake.

Address: 815 South Ash Street, Casper, WY 82601 - MAP
Phone: (307) 265-0974

Botticelli Ristorante Italiano
There's dinner and then there's dinner at Botticelli Ristorante Italiano that will make for a truly romantic date. The two of you can talk about anything and everything without the usual everyday distractions. Not only does the menu feature some of Botticelli's signature Italian and Mediterranean dishes but you can also make your selection from the excellent wine list. Without a doubt, Botticelli Ristorante Italiano provides an unmatched intimate atmosphere that makes it the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dinner.

Address: 129 West 2nd Street, Casper, WY - MAP
Phone: (307) 266-2700